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General Conditions

General Conditions

General Conditions

Buro Zero is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam. Client is the user of the product or service of Buro Zero. Agreement is the agreement that is signed by both parties before Buro Zero proceeds with delivery to the Client.

1. Applicability

These General Conditions apply to all offers and deliveries made by Buro Zero. Buro Zero has the right to modify the General Conditions at any time. A most recent version of these General Conditions is available for free on request.

2. Quotations and Offers

Quotations and offers from Buro Zero are provisional and under no circumstances binding. All quotations have a validity of 30 days.

3. Agreements

The final agreements regarding the product to be delivered by Buro Zero to the Client are laid down in an Agreement, which will contain the technical and graphical details, the prices and delivery details. In some cases, the Client has to provide Buro Zero with information, for which the Agreement will indicate a final date. If the Client fails to provide (sufficient) information to Buro Zero by that date, Buro Zero has the right to change the delivery date of the final product and any intermediate products. An agreement is only binding when: a. It is indicated explicitly that it is an agreement; b. This document includes the signature of Buro Zero or a representative of Buro Zero, and of the Client or a representative of the Client; c. A delivery date has been set in writing by Buro Zero. Buro Zero has the right to refuse to enter into an agreement.

4. Fees

All indicated fees do not include VAT (high rate, 21%), unless stated otherwise. If Buro Zero is able to demonstrate in writing that the cost price of a product exceeds the sales price, Buro Zero is entitled to increase the sales price. That does not give the Client the right to dissolve the Agreement.

5. Delivery

The moment of delivery is, according to Buro Zero, all the technical requirements of the Agreement have been met. Upon delivery, the final product is jointly checked for possible defects or desired changes by Buro Zero and the Client. Any changes, if acknowledged by Buro Zero, and if possible, will be made within 7 (seven) days after delivery.

6. Payment

Buro Zero is entitled to demand prepayment and can itself set the amount of the prepayment, with a maximum of the total invoice amount. Standard is 40% at the start of the product. After delivery of the final product, the Client has to pay the outstanding invoice amount within 30 (thirty) days to Buro Zero. If the Client fails to do so, Buro Zero is entitled to charge a maximum of 2 (two) times the invoice amount,  plus any collections costs.

7. Retention of title and copyright

All products (audio-visual, graphic, dynamic websites and management systems, etc.) of Buro Zero are provided under license, unless indicated otherwise. That means that the products remain the property of Buro Zero, while the Client is provided with a license to use the products. That right is not transferrable without written permission from Buro Zero. After delivery of a product, Buro Zero retains the copyright, which means that the Client does not have the right to alter the licensed product. Buro Zero retains the copyright of the designs of a website. After paying the full invoice amount, the Client automatically receives a limited transferrable license to use the designs for an indeterminate time. This safeguards the Client from any further costs for the use and further development of the delivered designs. This license is non-transferrable other than with the sale of the Client’s entire company/foundation and only includes the use of the designs for the purpose intended and described by the Client in this quotation. Via a Deed of Transfer, Buro Zero can transfer the copyright to the Client, for which Buro Zero can charge the Client with an amount to be determined.

8. Liability

Buro Zero is not liable for direct or indirect damages resulting from or caused by defects on the delivered products and services, or incorrect or untimely delivery of products and services to the Client. Any liability for business damage (business interruptions, lost revenues, etc.), loss or reduction of data and/or consequential damage, with whatever cause, including delay in the delivery time of products and services, is explicitly excluded. Buro Zero is not liable for damages suffered by the Client or third parties caused by the actions or products and services of Buro Zero. Failure to meet a deadline does mean Buro Zero can be held responsible for any consequences on the part of the Client. Buro Zero is not responsible for being unable to meet the (possible) agreed deadline. The Client safeguards Buro Zero and its employees from claims by third parties in compensation for material and immaterial damages that are caused directly or indirectly by (the use of) the products and services provided by Buro Zero. The liability of Buro Zero by virtue of the agreement entered into with the Client will never exceed the invoice amount.

9. Retention right

All products remain the property of Buro Zero until the full invoice amount has been paid by the Client. Buro Zero is entitled to apply the retention right if payment is not made after the agreed payment term. More information regarding this subject can be found in Article 1612 of the Dutch Civil Code.

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